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"World's Fastest Growing Sheep!"
About our flock
The Culham & Stevens flock was established in 1961 with the first lambs registered in 1962.  A partnership was formed in 1984 between Alan Culham & Morrie Stevens that remains in existence to this day.

In 1988 the flock enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) and currently has had over 2,800 head with genetic evaluations. With growth rate being a primary selection criterion the Culham and Stevens flock has emerged as the premier source for Suffolk growth genetics in the world. Just to support that claim Culham & Stevens 5BR155 sired in 2008 the unchallenged world’s fastest growing sheep at Michigan State University, MSU 8130 a ram lamb, had and actual 120 day weight of 203.5 pounds.

The 2019 Culham & Stevens lambcrop had an average post weaning (120 day) estimated breeding value (EBV) of 11.5 kg (23.0 lbs.). Additionally Culham & Stevens has maintained a positive genetic trend for eye muscle depth (EMD) while eliminating the gene for Spider Lamb Syndrome as well as obtaining an almost exclusive RR scrapie genotype at codon 171.